Christmas Season- An Opportunity to Save

Spark the Saving habit of your children!
October 17, 2016

Gone were the days about decades ago, it was so hard for me to get up from my bed because it was so cold and you know the Christmas season is around. As we always walk along the road to catch up to the nearest church to attend our Christmas novena or “Simbang Gabi”, we feel the cool breeze and would buy Christmas street foods along our way. How can you forget the “puto bungbung,” (native Christmas food) the specially baked “bibingka,” (baked powdered rice with eggs) the “kalamay” (sweet rice cake) and other sweet delicacies prepared during Christmas. It is entirely different these days that we tag our days as busy days and just buy holiday food stuff instead of preparing them personally at home. While those days will just remain a memory of our childhood Christmas ambiance, the true Christmas atmosphere and spirit should linger.

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