Individual Pandemic Plan (Medicare Plus)

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January 4, 2017
Pacific Cross-Select Plus
September 26, 2021
Affordable Health Plan for all ages

For your protection and your family  offered for  all ages up to 85yrs old.
Choose you MBL OPTIONS – (Maximum Benefit Limit per Illness)

  • MBL- Ph 60,000.00 (ward)/ Premium (Ph 8622)
  • MBL-Ph 80,000.00 (semi private)/ Premium (Ph 10,420)
  • MBL-Ph 100,00.00 (semi private)/ Premium (Ph 12,460)
  • MBL- Ph 120,000.00 (private)/ Premium (Ph 14,326)
  • MBL- Ph 150,000.00 (private)/ Premium (Ph 17,187)

Send us message now at

Access to all hospitals including 5star hospitals
Annual Physical Exam
Out patient
In Patient
Pre Existing illness and related to pre existing are not covered on 1st year
If interested, pls print and fill out and sign  the  1 page Application form..and submit the ff:
1. valid ID and
2. Bank  payment-Annual only (list on the application form)
Effectivity of cover upon receipt of Digital Letter of Authority not later than 15days  upon receipt of payment
HMO Card to be delivered at the applicants address within 3 weeks from approval

To apply, pls download application form and email to


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