Spark the Saving habit of your children!

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October 17, 2016
Investing in Stock Market
October 17, 2016

I am almost certain that family finances aren’t tops on your list of topics to chat about with your children. Would you imagine though how fruitful it can be to include in your family meetings?

Unfortunately, I never found a school who does money management class as part of their curriculum. This should have been the type of knowledge that can prepare our kids and teens a better financial life and a more secure financial future.

Did you know that with their young minds, we can build a great learning discipline for our children?  Yes, as early as now you can foster that subconscious mind and attitude on your kids when it comes to value for money, saving and investing. As in any child programming, creating this mindset as early as during their childhood and teenage days can really help them significantly on how to manage their finances when they become adults and face the real world of financial planning.   As full-grown individuals we are today, we would attribute our values and financial decisions in our day from our past discipline and trainings during our early upbringings.

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